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05-14-2018 5:28:18 PM CST

There's no place like home and for me, that is Las Vegas, NV. At least these days it is. I just returned home from the other side of the country. Really as far as you can get without falling into the Atlantic. I had a speeking gig in Norfolk, VA! First, I should say "WOW,what a town". I have been all over the country. I lived on the eastern shore of MD for a year and a half so I thought I knew all about "Delmarva". Yeah, that's what the locals call Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Well, wrong I was. Norfolk is a booming, seaside town that happens to hold the biggest navel base in the entire world. It has bridges going all over the place and tunnels too. Tunnels? I haven't been in a tunnel since I left the NYC area. The people were super nice and the town was clean. My only problem.... The humidity. Not just in Norfolk but everywhere on the east coast. I came to the city in the desert just over 2 years ago and I loved the fact that the humidity was so low. My hair wasn't nearly as crazy as it was at any other time in my life. Everything just felt easier. Well, I guess I started taking it for granted. Because it wasn't even that hot this weekend and all I did was complain about the heat. AND, it seemed like my soda was going flat in 5 minutes. Bugs (Nothing major just little flying things) were everywhere and out of the middle of nowhere- a rainstorm. How have I become so spoiled in such a short time? 

I told my sister that Norfolk felt much more like a California town. Except for the humidity. HA! I guess I might be making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. All in all, it was a great time. They say that the test of a good trip is wishing you could stay longer. And we do. 


04-29-2018 7:55:35 PM CST

So, you are in a band and you are getting a great responce at your shows. You've don't have money to spend hours and hours in a state-of-the-art studio but you know you can get one good cover done. But wait, how do you get a million people to hear it? How do you afford a great quality video to go along with your music. ANSWER- You don't! What you do is right here below.

This band figured out a while ago that if your really good and people like your message, they don't care if the way you give it to them is perfect. In fact, they like out-takes, bloopers and pure silliness. Anyone with a laptop can put one of these together. Anyone with a good phone can probably put one of these together. And look....Over a million views. Over 7k subscribers all done on their own with probably a budget of 20.00 a week?

These guys have gotten so popular doing covers on You Tube that they are now doing originals on mainstream rock radio out here in Vegas. Which is how I discovered them. This is how you create luck. This is making things happen!! And if you can't think of a good idea that you feel will work for you? That's when you call me!