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The Stage Coach


'For whatever stage you long to be on'





Package 1 Intro to Coaching and Development -  

$500 a month for a 3-month program

The first month and a half should be paid at the beginning 

The remainder can be split in 2  



Getting started as a 'pro'  You are well-trained as a musician or a songwriter. You've done some live shows. You may even have a band. You know in your heart that it's time to take things to the next level but you don't know how. And, you may have tried several times before only to hit brick walls. Obstacles. They be real such as no transportation. Or maybe you have kids and you can't afford a babysitter to really get out there to make things happen. Maybe you have a girl or boyfriend that doesn't like dealing with the competition your musical dreams are presenting? 

Then there are the obstacles that nobody knows about. These are much harder to defeat because they tend to come back. Things like huge doses of doubt. Believing that you aren't good enough. Having a fear of failure. Having a fear of success. Or, you know you're good enough and you aren't afraid of anything except time running out before the right person hears you. 

And don't forget things like stage fright. Not knowing how to make a good impression at a meeting with the people that can make good things happen for you. 

These are things we all need to know if we want to be professionals in music or in any field. For whatever reason, if you end up doing something else in life, I guarantee that those with these skills will be better- prepared, more confident, and in a place to receive success easier and more often  

The development aspect of this package includes (this will vary from person to person depending on what they need) 

*Interview coaching 

*Building your brand 

*If you aren't sure we'll see what you feel comfortable with and develop it 

*Performance coaching 

*Helping you find performance opportunities- As many as possible- These may be free at first. Don’t think of it as playing for free. Think of it as school.  

~Side note~ I worked on a television show when I lived in Nashville. I can’t even add how many of those young kids who sang on that show and performed at the showcases for no money at all, went on to either ‘American Idol’, America’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Voice’ Yes they were talented but so many of them made it on to these shows and many to the top 10. After a while you have to know that those “FREE” performances paid off more than they ever imagined. 

*When you are ready I will put you on my radio show "Story & Song" 

*If you have music that you have the copyright to and it is radio ready I will start promoting it  

*Online write ups, blogs, & magazines 

*Help you develop or build your social media.... Legitimately 



PACKAGE 2  $625.00 a month  

for a 3-month program

The first month and a half should be paid at the beginning 

The remainder can be split in 2  

*Anything in the first package that you need  

*Tons of radio exposure in the forms of interviews and radio airplay 

~Keep the radio campaign going for at least 3 months... With proof of where you are being played. Analysis of where you are doing the best. FM? College? Satellite? This is vital to a successful campaign. 

*Performance opportunities- Now it's for $$ 

*I can help you with your online presence. But, I don’t just want you to have high numbers. I want people to really become your fans, followers, friends.... So, I will also teach you how to have pages and profiles that will attract the people you want to know more about you. 

*License and promote your music for TV, Film and commercials 

*Tour planning and development 

*Press releases prior to CD releases, tours, or other major events 

*Avoiding scams 

I also get told by people that they don't need the coaching. Can they just pay for development? This is a huge mistake and I did it over and over for years. The coaching literally sets you up for success. So, when we go our separate ways you will know... 

*How to deal with rejection 

*If you want a big record deal? A small indie deal? or no deal at all? 

*How to ace every audition you go to. 

*How to block out the negative chatter in your head. Such as .... "Don't you think it's time to get a "real job"? OR “Wow, all my friends from school are so far ahead of me. I thought I’d be more successful by now”  

*How to enjoy the ride- This is truly the most important thing. Nobody is promised tomorrow. (upbeat huh) 

*And- You will understand how the business works. 

Also, I can’t take away the coaching any more than I can ask you to let me hire you for your original music & lyrics but really.... I just want the music. Because I think I know most of the words. If you are really in need of work you might do it. I get it. But, is that why you got into all of this? It isn’t for me. I come from a teaching background. I taught piano, voice, acting and musical theater and I did tons of artist development. 

I became certified as a coach to help my students. There was so much competition. I wanted to give my students a competitive edge. Then, I fell in love with it. But after all the years in the industry (I mean a long time since I was 14) I wanted to put it together. That’s why it’s MUSIC & MINDSET- The 2 just go together like MUSIC & LYRICS.   


Package 3  $750.00 for entire program

2 month program- should be paid in full

You already  know how most of this works but you need some new publicity. Some interviews and other forms of good press. Maybe you wanna revamp some things in your set or put together a whole new one. This is the package for you.