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The Stage Coach


'For whatever stage you long to be on'


Through coaching, marketing, development and good old hard work I, along with some really amazing people,

can help get you and your message out there with the biggest and most positive impact possible. Always on your terms. Mostly,

I can help you do this faster, easier and for less money than it would take doing it all on your own


We've Got A Radio Show!!

And some big~time, highly talented people helping us out.




And....don't forget about all this cool stuff....



All services are guaranteed. In the event that for whatever reason your order can not be completed, all funds are sent right back to you!


Here is one a current promotion for singers and songwriters looking for a real bang for their buck. Lots of radio airplay. Tons of publicity in several magazines (online and in-print) and an in depth interview that will broadcast world wide. Lasting for 6 months and all for the price of maybe a month's worth of guitar lessons.


But if this is not your thing. We have lots of other offers for you!


If you don't like contact forms, you can reach me at







Before the CMA's I'm going to Norfolk, VA for a 4 day Music Fest. One day I'm doing a book signing

Then a cool workshop!




This is me-

Hi, I'm Susan, 'The Stage Coach' I thought of that name because I'm a certified life coach who works with people who dream of a career on stage. (It's cute isn't it?)  I've written a book titled "MUSIC & MINDSET: How to go from struggling artist to working industry professional" It came out in Jan. 18' and I've been traveling around with it. Trying to spread the message that you don't have to spend millions of dollars, decades of time and tons of heartache to have a thriving career in music.  Or any of the arts.

 This is What I do-

I host my very own radio show- 'Story & Song', which broadcasts on iHEARTradio. (Actually, we are currently on awaiting approval for iHeart) I get exposure, publicity & performance/presentation opportunities for my clients until they are with an agency or doing it by themselves. Also, I find these opportunities many times to get aspiring performers to the level where they will be able get booked professionally on a regular basis. My motto: "If you see a stage- Try to think of a way to get on it" I know, you can't take it to literally or you'll wind up in jail. Or worse. I really just want to stress the importance of getting out there and doing your thing.

I also use a lot of online and print magazines, industry marketing. With the use of quality press releases and good old fashion contacts I have made on my own journey.-  And, to get any traction, you need tons of all those things and I get all of that for you and increase your presence on social media. 

But none of it will mean a thing if your thoughts aren't aligned with your goals. It's actually so much more important than you ever thought. But the good thing is....You don't need tons of talent, money, great looks or connections to make your dreams come true. I'd be happy to talk to you about it. I've helped people get their first book in stores, make it on to a television show, put out CDs, the big screen,and overcome multitudes of personal obstacles. 




I don't know where that bird came from?


And the lucky winner is # 72995