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The Stage Coach


'For whatever stage you long to be on'








What if it's not all about talent?

What if the being successful in the music industry has littlle to do with how talented you are, who you know, how lucky you are, what type of voice you have or what you look like?

What if  all you need to find success in anything are a few qualities that you already have and easy skills that you can learn?This book will show you step by step how to unlock those skills and develop them.

So,  would your life change if each day you felt invincible in an industry that helped coin the phrase "soul-crushing"?

You can hop on Amazon and buy it!

Be part of exclusive seminars and learn how to...

*Get a clear picture of what success means to you. Then, make a plan that you can utilize immediately

*Minimize the effects of rejection to such a degree that they no longer have the power to devastate you

*Within moments of entering a room be able to know who your actual competition is and who is just distraction

*Understand stage fright or "The Jitters" if you are prone to them and see them fly away.

*See how confidence that is earned is not only very attractive but very attracting and how this alone will get you more opportunities.

*Enjoy the journey of becoming a professional and eliminate the thoughts that hold you down.


​                                                                                                         Back Side of The Book


Table of Contents

Every chapter in this book is meant to stand alone as a story or lesson in itself. While I did put it in an order that I believe the reader will get the most out of it, it isn't crucial. If there is a chapter that doesn't apply to you- Skip it. Or jump around if you are the type who prefers to read like that.

Forward    7 

Introduction     9 

Chapter 1- The "What Now" Syndrome     13 

Chapter 2- Defining Success  17 

Chapter 3- The Struggling Artist  23 

Chapter 4- Myths, Distorted Thinking & Ethics  27 

Chapter 5- The Truth About Competition  33 

Chapter 6- The Law of Attraction  43 

Chapter 7- The Importance of Failure  49 

Chapter 8- The Studio, Merchandising & YouTube  53 

Chapter 9 - Record Labels Major & Indie  59 

Chapter 10- Performance Opportunities  67 

Chapter 11- Networking on & offline  77 

Chapter 12- You blew it! What not to do?  85 

Chapter 13- Pay for play/Play for Free  93 

Chapter 14- Stage fright  97 

Chapter 15- Scams & How to AVOID them 103 

Chapter 16- Plan B? 109 

Chapter 17- But, I'm not a business person 115 

Chapter 18- Putting it all together 119 

Chapter 19- Are we there yet? 123 

Chapter 20- Life Balance 127